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MOM to MOM: Self-Empowerment for Teens

Lucy Colangelo helps teens have amazing personal focus, true to where they are in life., through her trademarked ShineOn™ Method.

Lucy was a marketer helping business owners find their purpose and authentic voice online. Then a friend asked if Lucy would use her 7-step/14-question business process as a framework to talk to her friend’s daughter, who was struggling to find her way in high school. It worked beyond belief.

A mom of two teens herself, Lucy knew she had found her own path.

With an online interactive course, conversation guides, cohorts, Facebook groups and more all launching this December, Lucy works with teens and their parents with a future-looking method to empower teens and to help parents approach the most important conversations they’ll have in this special time in your child’s life.


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More about Lucy Colangelo

Lucy Colangelo is from Ontario, Canada. She is the creator of the ShineOn™ Method, a framework that teaches self-empowerment to young people.

She had a communications career for over 12 years before motherhood and changing career opportunities shifted everything for her. She started thinking about what her kids really needed to help them blossom and thrive into adulthood. The question became, what would it take to support a person to find their passion and realize their full potential? Her ShineOn™ Method was developed to support finding the answer.

She works with anyone looking to get started in personal inquiry. These days, she focuses on parents and supporting them in getting into this conversation with their teens, as she believes you can never start too young. She thinks of herself as the guidance counselor for teens or the friend people mention when they know someone who is looking for help to process things and find their way in life.

To learn more visit, get your FREE guide and join this bright, uplifting and future-focused conversation.


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