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Three Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship Heart

  What makes a relationship healthy? That’s a question that’s different from what one looks for in a relationship. Some couples want adventure and travel, others may prefer the quiet of home. Sometimes people are friends for years before realizing they’re in love. “Love at first site” is the mantra of still others, who fall […]

The Power of Vulnerability in Relationships

Brene Brown Call to Courage

Brené Brown Call to Courage got me thinking… I was watching Brené Brown’s Netflix’s special, The Call to Courage (Which I highly recommend to all!). She shared a story about the process she and her husband use to ameliorate misunderstandings.  As a couple’s therapist, I couldn’t have been more excited when she explained one of […]

What is Self-Compassion?

  By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center Self-compassion sounds like being nice to yourself.  Most of us would probably equate it to self-care and think “Yeah, I got this already. Make sure you slow down and treat yourself to a massage once in a while.” But self-compassion is a much deeper concept. My understanding […]

Loving Detachment: Letting Our Teen Children Learn from their Decisions

Free thinking teenagers

By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center Some of the most sage wisdom on healthy relationships can be found in the teachings of 12 step programs for those in recovery from behavioral issues. Over my years as a therapist, I have shared 12 step wisdom with clients again and again, drawing from Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon […]

The Reverberations from Suicide in the Media

By Ann Tharayil The celebrity loss of life from suicide this past week was disturbing for so many. Our hearts feel empathy for families and loved ones immediately affected. For anyone struggling with depression the news can feel downright scary.  Why did these people, despite their successful lives decide to leave us? For family members […]

Any parent of a teenager knows…the feeling of being pushed away.

  By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center Have you ever felt like your sweet cherub of a child suddenly is having a strange reaction to you? Did it coincide with the day they became a teenager? My feelings about this were affirmed in an article I read on parenting teens from the New York Times. […]

OK Mom, Don’t Freak Out but…

Angry Mom The Juniper Center

By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center   The other day my 13-year-old son approached me and said, “Okay, mom. Don’t freak out. But here is the plan the guys are making. So just sit down right here and let me explain.”   I had to laugh.  It was a good approach and it also […]

Bullying Prevention Month: Mom Reconciles Her Past to Better Help Son

By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center One of the most difficult parts of parenting is invisible. It is the way our own childhood experiences unconsciously creep into our reactions to our kids and the situations they get themselves in. A Mom I worked with recently in therapy* was struggling with how angry she felt every time […]

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