Margaret Berger, LCSW, Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditator

Park Ridge Office

Margaret was inspired to become a meditator and yoga instructor by her second born son, Atticus, who was born with developmental disabilities. Living with his challenges and her resultant stress levels she decided to learn how to quiet her mind and live beyond the stress, celebrating each day with a sense of gratitude and wonder. Her older son, Abraham, and husband Michael have benefitted as well from the sense of peace, joy and acceptance that permeate the family.

Her experience as a Psychotherapist, training to become a Yoga Instructor and her own daily meditation practice have provided a foundation for her to share her knowledge of the ancient practices with others. Meditation is a key to calming the mind so that we can listen to the guide that is within ourselves leading us down a conscious and thoughtful life path.

“I have lived the life changing force of yoga and meditation.  While our culture has been developing an appreciation for the magnificence of yoga, we tend to see yoga as either a form of exercise or something to be practiced in a “class”.  Yoga is meant to be highly prescriptive. This means that yoga was originally meant to be practiced one on one between the teacher and the student. This way the teacher can thoroughly assess the particular needs of that student and that student alone. We then work together to develop a practice that is born out of assessing, listening and tailoring. I have found this to be an incredibly powerful way of helping people calm their nervous systems and to develop more optimal ways of living with feelings and, thriving as humans.”

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