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Ania Wysocka rootd

Rootd founder, Ania, found herself away from family and very alone during a debilitating anxiety attack during her fourth year in college. It shouldn’t be this way, she thought. One million users in 150 countries agree! After her personal experience Ania founded Rootd, the #1 rated mobile app for anxiety and panic attack relief.

The goal is not to replace therapy. In fact Ania works with a professional board of advisors and counts mental health professionals, who purchase bulk subscriptions to share with clients, as part of her success.

We’ll hear how tech meets care in a meaningful way that drives Ania to grow and expand her reach. Her unique combination of graphic design, marketing, and subject matter expertise provide Rootd with its unmistakable personality. And Ania’s warm and caring personality are experienced through the immediacy and accessibility users find in the app.

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