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Need a dynamic speaker for your next chamber or association meeting or employee team building event?

Experts from The Juniper Center have spoken at conferences across the country and provided professional clinical insight to local and national publications on a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship and women in business, LGBTQ issues, parenting, transgender community, trauma, behavioral issues, relationships and more. See topics below or call to book a speaker on mental health issues or the business of mental health.

Topics can be tailored for “lay” audiences (e.g. parents, schools, chambers of commerce, professional associations, etc.) or for mental health professionals (CEU’s may be available for this audience).

  • Everything you need to know to start a therapy practice.
  • Everything you need to know to grow a therapy practice.
  • Group vs individual practice. Clinical and legal considerations.
  • Ethics for mental health professionals.
  • Drinking from a straw instead of a firehose: Helping people use their nervous systems as a resource for calming and change.
  • Trans/Gender Non-Confirming (GNC) and Non-binary (NB) 101
  • Trans/GNC and NB 201
  • Advanced relational and body image strategies for trans communities
  • Kink awareness in therapy
  • Adoption considerations for LGBTQ individuals and couples
  • Using the body as a resource in therapy
  • EMDR
  • Basics of Somatic Experiencing
  • What is all of this Gender Business and what does it have to do with my business.
  • Sex behavioral issues
  • Attachment and behavioral issues
  • Trauma and attachment
  • Trauma Informed Yoga.


Sample Topics for Lay-Audiences

These talks are geared to general (non-mental health professionals) audiences. Perfect for businesses, chambers, associations or special interest groups.

LGBTQ Inclusion

What’s all this Bathroom Business, and What Does it Mean for My Business?
The Juniper Center founder Dr. Margo Jacquot talks about things business owners can do to make their businesses more inclusive, not only for LGBTQ customers but for all. Details about new bathroom laws and a chance to ask questions and get candid answers will help business owners grow their client base.

What’s in a Pronoun?
Bias so often stems from not knowing, and being afraid to ask. This talk explores the connection between intersectionality, pronouns and bias. This session is a primer for understanding language related to LGBTQ to create more inclusive environments at home, work and community.


Kink Essentials
Helping people to explore BDSM and kink with someone that is kink aware and knowledgeable. This was half lecture, half open forum, in which audience members could ask questions and explore in a safe place.

Sample Topics for Mental Health Professionals

CEU’s may be available for these sessions.
Business and Entrepreneurship
How to build your own therapy practice. With hand-on learning from award winning business owner Dr. Margo Jacquot, who has built her own practice into one of the largest women-owned practices in Chicagoland, with 25 clinicians at five locations.


Asexuality and Aromantism
This presentation focuses on basic terminology and ideas surrounding Asexuality and Aromantism.  We use case examples in order to explore how one might approach these elements in a therapeutic setting.

What the heck is polyamory? Polyamory and Nonmonogamy 101

Didactic or networking presentation aimed at explaining the basics of ethical non-monogamy and polyamory to mental health professionals.  The session also explores ways to integrate inclusion of this group in therapy practices.

You want to do what?! BDSM and Kink 101

Didactic or networking presentation aimed at explaining the basics of BDSM and kink to mental health professionals. The session also explores ways to integrate inclusion of this group in therapy practices. This session also creates a forum to ask questions for specifics of kink or curious thoughts one has held regarding the BDSM community.

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