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At the Juniper Center, we are always looking for new ways to help the community in various ways so they can feel like they have a true sense of belonging. Some of the clinicians at the Juniper Center have come together and are here to share news about the new non-profit organization that is now under the umbrella of the Juniper Center. Bridging The Gap Collective is a non-profit organization, that provides quality mental health services for those who are marginalized or otherwise lack access, in congruence with providing mentorship by nurturing and developing determined and passionate student clinicians. The Juniper Center’s Alece McFadden is the brains behind the organization and she put together a fabulous launch event last month at the Park Ridge office and lavishly presented the new non-profit organization. 

Community Collaboration

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Bridging the Gap prominently works together with other community non-profit organizations with bridging the gap in assisting with minimizing their members’ wait times in receiving proper mental health services. This collective also partners with community leaders to understand what the main needs are for conducting workshops, conferences, or whatever other mental health services they may need. Alece McFadden’s vision for this collective is that Bridging the Gap acts as “a backbone, we are just supporting what is already out there so people can really receive these services that people deserve to have.”

Gold Standard of Internships

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This new collective strives to build valuable relationships with mental health field liaisons from universities across the Chicagoland area. The executive board works together to select passionate and determined undergraduate and graduate students whom they not only supervise but they also mentor and provide additional training in progressing their careers. This will also allow the new clinician to feel prepared and confident when entering their new perspective careers. Alece describes this part of the organization as a chance for interns to “receive a specialization or anything like that, they will have a chance to receive that opportunity.”

Meet the Executive Board Members

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It really does take a team of hardworking individuals to come together to promote a common cause and that’s what Alece McFadden has done. Several Juniper Center clinicians make up the executive board and they each work together to spread the word about bridging the gap for everyone. As mentioned before, Alece McFadden is the executive director, Dr. Karen Thames is the president, Dr. Margo Jacquot is the vice president, Mark Jacquot acts as our lovely treasurer, Christina Vargas is the secretary, Keenen Stevenson is the coordinator of all of the fundraising and Jessica Buettner is the marketing chair for the executive board.

Become Involved Today

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Just like any non-profit organization, it’s important to come together as one to spread the word about this new collective and to have people become involved. The collective will be accepting applicants to partake in the internship program very soon, but if you are interested in becoming part of the collective, please send Alece McFadden an email at Also, be sure to follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for up-to-the-minute updates on all of the happenings that are occurring within the collective, and also visit for more information about the organization and how they are working to bridge the gap in mental health disparities while creating the framework on how the for-profit mental health industry assists in helping all those who are not ok.


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