How To Negotiate Problematic Situations

  Nowadays, “how to negotiate problematic situations” may refer to simple, every day conversations. Whether it’s something you hoped to avoid or just the every day difference of opinion, here are some tips to avoid potential landmines. Use your intellect instead of your feelings. Think about what is happening. Think about what you would like to […]

Feeling SAD? It May Be Seasonal Affective Disorder

Cold Gray Chicago Day

  Feeling SAD? It may be Seasonal Affective Disorder. Now, in the midst of the winter months, have you become suddenly unhappy without apparent or clear external changes in your life circumstances? If so, it might be a good time to speak with a mental health professional about how SAD has changed the quality of your life. […]

Good Sleep Hygiene for Better Sleep

By Dr. Louis Dvorkin, PhD Are you already finding challenges in keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Here is a surprising tactic that might help you jump start those elusive New Year’s Resolutions:  Better sleep! So, where to start? Well, you are going to need a lot of energy to invest in making that change/those changes as […]

Goal Setting 101

Was goal setting on your mind at midnight on December 31? If so, you are among 44% of USAmercians who made new year resolutions. Will you keep those resolutions? Actually, according to data, the odds are good. For 2016, 68% of those who made a resolution said they kept at least part of it (although […]

Don’t Let the Past Hold You Back: Ten Tips How

  By Louis Dvorkin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist   Wondering how to turn on your bright side and let go of the past? We tend to rehash past wrongs done by others or by us. It’s time to forgive those who offended you and those you offended. These act as weights that will either hold you down or, even […]

Ask the Doctor:  Mood Disorder vs. Personality Disorder?

  By Louis Dvorkin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist “I have a cousin who had manic episodes as a teenager. He went to college, but did poorly, dropped out and fell into a deep depression. He sought help and was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder (BID). With treatment, he returned to college, graduated, maintained steady employment and got married […]

#SayItForward Week: What is Bipolar Disorder?

By Louis Dvorkin, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist October 12-18, 201 is the week to ‪#‎sayitforward and ‪#‎removethebarrier for 60 million people worldwide who live with Bipolar Disorder (BD). What is it Bipolar Disorder? BD was previously known as Manic-Depression is commonly exhibited in very extreme and sometimes very rapid shifts in moods and behaviors. Moods may range from excessively happy […]