Technology, Meditation, and YOU

Can you really find calm from your smartphone? Yes, according to a study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, (Howells, 2018) which concluded that smartphones offer a way “to make happiness seekers significantly happier.” It’s not the phone itself, however. It’s the access it gives to hundreds of wellness apps to help with everything […]

Podcast, Episode 8 – Resilience in the Face of Adversity – in business & clinical practice

Description: In this episode, we talk with Howard Baumgarten.  Howard is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author, consultant, public speaker, wellness and compliance training expert, and owner of a mental health private practice in Lakewood, Colorado. He has lectured internationally about mental health, business, and wellness. Howard and Margo discuss ways to discover your resilience in […]

Podcast, Episode 7: Making a Memorable Introduction

  Description: In this episode, we talk with Catherine Johns, a professional speaker, coach, author, and former broadcaster who provides people with the skills and the mindset to be confident and compelling in conversations . Catherine provides advice on how to make a memorable and authentic introduction, the magic of 3’s, the importance of specificity, […]

Podcast, Episode 6: Hiring the Right People for Your Small Business

Description: In this episode, Dr. Jacquot shares her thoughts on how to find and hire the right people for your small business.  She discusses the importance of pre-screening assessments, the right interview questions, and cultural fit. You will also learn why it’s important to conduct a video interview during COVID-19 times when evaluating potential new […]

Podcast, Episode 5: Legal & Ethical Insights Clinicians Need to Have

  Description: In this episode, we talk with Jonathan Nye, Managing Partner of NYE Law Group, Ltd.. Jonathan shares the top 3 things all mental health professionals need to know. He provides advice on when to terminate, medical record requirements, how to handle subpoenas, and confidentiality with COVID-19. You will also learn why he doesn’t […]

What Are You Doing for Thanksgiving this Year?

Thanksgiving, Reimagined   Noting that COVID-19 cases are surging in 37 states, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said we may want to rethink Thanksgiving. According to CBS news, Dr. Fauci stressed that the same protocols health officials have been advising for months — wash your hands frequently, socially distance, wear a mask, and avoid […]

Tension Tamer Live Fridays

Thank you to everyone who has joined us every Friday over the past eight weeks to join together in community with others to learn and practice different relaxation techniques. Did you Miss Tension Tamers Live? Find a quiet place and sit back and watch the replay, for calming exercises to reset your nervous system. Below […]

How does teletherapy work? Join us this Friday 3/20 to find out!

NEW Teletherapy for remote counseling and therapy across Illinois. Help when you need it. Right from your home.   Anxiety, stress, fear and uncertainty. These all can be exacerbated during a time of crisis, such as we are facing with the Coronavirus. Government actions include Mental Health in the State of Emergency responses, specifically these […]

Mental Health and the Body-Mind Connection

Probiotics for Health

  Everyone has heard of the effects mental health can have on your body. Headaches, upset stomach, chest pain, these are all ways that your mind can impact how your body feels. Lower your stress and you will feel better physically.   But did you know it works the other way around as well?   […]

Meet Gloria Bernard: A Whole Body Approach to Therapy

  Meet Gloria Bernard. (she/they) Gloria Bernard doesn’t look at mental health and physical health as two separate entities– but rather as one unified system. In that way she has a holistic approach to therapy. Gloria has an impressive therapeutic education background: She’s a board certified, registered art therapist and a licensed professional counselor. Her […]

This Mental Health Month, Experience the Power of Opening Up

May Mental Health Awareness Month

.   Mental health can feel like a taboo topic. It can make you feel like nobody can relate or that you need to shove away your illness. Stigma can force you to act like you’re okay because it seems like everyone else around you is doing just fine. But did you know that 1 […]

How The Juniper Center Helped the Keane* Family

How Family Therapy at The Juniper Center Helps

When we first came to Juniper Center my husband was dealing with depression and anxiety.  As a result he lost his job and was very withdrawn from the family. Then, as the communication at home broke down, I knew it was time for us to seek help.  After so many years of being together I […]

What is Self-Compassion?

  By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center Self-compassion sounds like being nice to yourself.  Most of us would probably equate it to self-care and think “Yeah, I got this already. Make sure you slow down and treat yourself to a massage once in a while.” But self-compassion is a much deeper concept. My understanding […]

How Does Neurofeedback Work?


By Megan Gormaly, LSW Imagine a person has had a negative experience that has left them on guard and fearful or anxious.  This can be very adaptive while the threat is still present.  However, it can be maladaptive when the threat has been removed, but the person still lives in a fearful, anxious, and defensive […]

New! Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT Skills Group

New group for DBT starting in September! Dates: Fridays September 22 through November 10 (Group meets for 8 consecutive weeks) Group Time: 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Location: The Juniper Center 1440 Renaissance Drive, Suite 320 Park Ridge, IL 60068 Facilitator: Mariann Smith, LCPC, LMFT, CADC This group is open to adults 18 and older who […]

Feeling SAD? It May Be Seasonal Affective Disorder

Cold Gray Chicago Day

  Feeling SAD? It may be Seasonal Affective Disorder. Now, in the midst of the winter months, have you become suddenly unhappy without apparent or clear external changes in your life circumstances? If so, it might be a good time to speak with a mental health professional about how SAD has changed the quality of your life. […]

Good Sleep Hygiene for Better Sleep

By Dr. Louis Dvorkin, PhD Are you already finding challenges in keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Here is a surprising tactic that might help you jump start those elusive New Year’s Resolutions:  Better sleep! So, where to start? Well, you are going to need a lot of energy to invest in making that change/those changes as […]

Don’t Let the Past Hold You Back: Ten Tips How

  By Louis Dvorkin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist   Wondering how to turn on your bright side and let go of the past? We tend to rehash past wrongs done by others or by us. It’s time to forgive those who offended you and those you offended. These act as weights that will either hold you down or, even […]

Four New Clinicians to Better Serve You

The Juniper Center is pleased to welcome four new clinicians to our practice. “What matters to you matters to us,” says founder and director Dr. Margo Jacquot. “Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible.  The newest members of our team will help us do just that.” “We want to help you […]

Guided Relaxation for Embracing New Thought and Behavior Patterns

  Practicing guided relaxation using a recording is a wonderful way to let go of tension and get out of your busy mind.  There are so many recordings available, but did you know there is a science behind the techniques used? What is Yoga Nidra? In the yoga tradition, Yogis practiced a form of guided […]

Study Highlights Connection Between Diet and Mental Health.

  Connection between diet and mental health highlighted by new nutritionist at The Juniper Center. Some psychiatrists, too, have recently launched a rallying cry for a more integrative approach to mental health care — one that takes diet and other lifestyle factors into account in diagnosing, treating and preventing mental illness. In a paper recently published in The […]

Ask the Doctor:  Mood Disorder vs. Personality Disorder?

  By Louis Dvorkin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist “I have a cousin who had manic episodes as a teenager. He went to college, but did poorly, dropped out and fell into a deep depression. He sought help and was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder (BID). With treatment, he returned to college, graduated, maintained steady employment and got married […]

Are you SAD about Daylight Saving Time?

By Louis Dvorkin, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist Are you SAD about Daylight Saving Time? The turning back of the clocks for Day Light Saving Time (don’t forget, it’s this Sunday morning officially at 2 am) is a key reminder that colder weather and shorter days (as in less daylight!) are on the way. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) […]

Drug-Free Mental Health Technique: Self-Foot Massage

By Margaret Berger, LCSW, Certified Yoga Instructor   At The Juniper Center I am always encouraging my clients to do self-massage, an ancient technique called Abhyanga. Self-massage is a great way to care for ourselves that does not come with the hefty price tag of a private massage therapist and it can have a profound impact […]

#SayItForward Week: What is Bipolar Disorder?

By Louis Dvorkin, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist October 12-18, 201 is the week to ‪#‎sayitforward and ‪#‎removethebarrier for 60 million people worldwide who live with Bipolar Disorder (BD). What is it Bipolar Disorder? BD was previously known as Manic-Depression is commonly exhibited in very extreme and sometimes very rapid shifts in moods and behaviors. Moods may range from excessively happy […]