What is Gender Diversity (and what does that mean for parents)?

Stephanie Brill of Gender Spectrum, an organization that works to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens, joins The Juniper Center Thrive Live to discuss the stories and language around gender and how that impacts families and parents. Some Takeaways from Stephanie Brill of Gender Spectrum Let’s let everyone be who […]

After a Rocky Start, Three Tips to Ease Anxiety about the New Year

Did anyone secretly wish there would be a magic switch that would flip at midnight on December 31? Yay…2020 is FINALLY over! So much happened in 2020, surely the new year would bring new energy. However, as we had barely cleaned up the celebratory confetti, people around the globe saw the violent attack on the […]

Feeling vs. Thinking: Teach Your Child to be a Sleuth (Applies to Adults, too.)

A sleuth is someone looking for facts. Not feelings. For older kids, especially teenagers, they may relate better to being a good journalist or a reporter. Whatever you call it, being able to stick to the facts and look at what’s really happening is critical.   When I originally wrote this article, much earlier this […]

Mom to Mom: What Happened to your Darling 12 Year Old? (Video)

  Why does it seem like our darling, sweet, cherub children turn into someone unrecognizable on the eve of their 12th birthday? There’s brains are going through amazing, completely normative change. And they are likely a little scared, too. Here’s how you can help them grow. Watch the video now.  

Free Panel December 19: Health Effects of Teen Vaping


It’s no secret that Vaping has become a crisis in the US. Originally “hyped” as a “healthier” alternative to smoking, illnesses and even deaths are happening across the country, caused by vaping. Teens are at the highest risk–peer pressure may increase use and that youthful sense of invulnerability convinces them “it’s not a big deal. […]

Empty Nest Syndrome: It’s Okay to Grieve

It’s that time of year where sons and daughters pack up their lives and move to campus. For many first-time parents, or even parents whose kids have left for school before, the transition of having your child leave home is devastating.  We birth them, watch them take their first steps, wipe their tears, see them […]

New “youth lounge” adds “chill space” for kids and teens

The Juniper Center Youth Lounge

Waiting for your therapy appointment shouldn’t be a cause for anxiety. That’s one reason why Ari Groner, LCSW at The Juniper Center, wanted to create a space just for younger clients.  The new Youth Lounge at The Juniper Center is less like a doctor’s office, and more like a cool space to hang out. New […]

How The Juniper Center Helped the Keane* Family

How Family Therapy at The Juniper Center Helps

When we first came to Juniper Center my husband was dealing with depression and anxiety.  As a result he lost his job and was very withdrawn from the family. Then, as the communication at home broke down, I knew it was time for us to seek help.  After so many years of being together I […]

Loving Detachment: Letting Our Teen Children Learn from their Decisions

Free thinking teenagers

By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center Some of the most sage wisdom on healthy relationships can be found in the teachings of 12 step programs for those in recovery from behavioral issues. Over my years as a therapist, I have shared 12 step wisdom with clients again and again, drawing from Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon […]

Any parent of a teenager knows…the feeling of being pushed away.

  By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center Have you ever felt like your sweet cherub of a child suddenly is having a strange reaction to you? Did it coincide with the day they became a teenager? My feelings about this were affirmed in an article I read on parenting teens from the New York Times. […]

OK Mom, Don’t Freak Out but…

Angry Mom The Juniper Center

By Ann Tharayil, LCSW, The Juniper Center   The other day my 13-year-old son approached me and said, “Okay, mom. Don’t freak out. But here is the plan the guys are making. So just sit down right here and let me explain.”   I had to laugh.  It was a good approach and it also […]