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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Friday, March 19, 2021 – REGISTER NOW

8 to 9 am

New Mandated CE Program for Psychologists and All Licensed Therapists.

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Multiple Securities: Navigating Consensual Non-Monogamy and Attachment
Friday, March 19, 2021
9:30 to 11 am
1.5 CEU’s

Presented by Mo Deslandes, PsyD Postdoctoral Fellow at The Juniper Center

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Monthly Professional Education Webinars

The Juniper Center has long sponsored monthly professional in-person “meet-ups” the third Friday of most months throughout the year at our Park Ridge office. Those events are now Webinars, adding convenience and allowing more people to attend.

Our monthly webinars are free for professionals to attend. Use the sign-up form on this page to get notices by email. And be sure to sign up as soon as you get your notice…each webinar accommodates up to 100 people, and they fill up fast!

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Certified CEU Provider for the State of Illinois

The Juniper Center is licensed in the State of Illinois to provide CEU’s for Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists.

CEU’s are required by all practitioners to maintain their license. The monthly webinars offer a chance to earn CEU’s as do other fee-based programs offered throughout the year.

The fee for one (1) State of Illinois CEU is $10. (So, for example, 1.5 CEU’s is $15) For now, Workshop Registration and CEU payment are two separate processes, so be sure to do both. Any questions? Contact us.

Mentoring and Guidance

Have a question about running the business side of your practice?

“I had to learn so much on my own when I got started, and I want to share that with others to ease their path.”

 – Dr. Margo Jacquot, Founder and Chief Care Officer, The Juniper Center

Send your questions to info@thejunipercenter.com.

Couldn’t join us live? Watch the recordings on YouTube with these links to recent presentations.

Exploring Trauma Triggers and Their Impact on behavioral issues Disorders

This presentation focuses on helping practitioners and clinicians to develop an understanding of the different trauma types and their impact on both the psychological and physiological health of a client and the professional’s role in effective referral and trauma treatment. Participants will also be introduced to an assessment tool that provides a more detailed evaluation of the client’s “trauma experience” as well as the trauma stages as it relates to Behavioral Issues Disorders. Participants will also learn strategies to reduce Stigma and increase language that supports clients in discussing trauma experiences and its impact on their current struggles.

Watch the full presentation here.

From Chaos to Calm Practical Buddhist Wisdom, Meditation and Mindfulness for Uncertain Times

During this time of tremendous adversity and uncertainty, many therapists and clients alike are struggling profoundly–socially, economically, psychologically and spiritually. Although our external world may appear dire right now, if we have effective methods, it can be an unparalleled opportunity for authentic, inner growth and development. Buddhist meditation provides a scientific and practical psychology that informs and empowers practitioners along a path of profound introspection and self-transformation, all within the context of a busy lifestyle.

Watch the full presentation here.

Pandemic Insomnia-Sleep: a key protective factor with Vilija Ball, Psy.D.

Learn to be intentional and use effective strategies to support your biological, social, and environmental timekeepers that control your sleep and contribute to your health! Identify risk factors and prevent the development of chronic insomnia, since it has the direct consequence of disrupting your life. Become empowered with knowledge about how to treat it with evidence-based interventions, if you are already trying to cope with it!

Watch the full presentation here.

Body of Evidence with Dr. Margo Jacquot

Especially at a time of great trauma in our world, engaging the places in us where trauma resides is even more critical. Essential in this process is helping people find safety in their bodies when and where that can. The science of trauma healing is clear. As Bessel van der Kolk says, “the body keeps the score”.

Body-based interventions are powerful adjuncts to the therapy we have been trained to practice. Using the work of Stephen Porgess, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk and other pioneers in the field of somatic therapy, this workshop will consist primarily of case examples and opportunities to practice somatic interventions.

Watch the full presentation here.

Play, Mindfulness and Gratitude with Kait Berger

We are facing unprecedented times with a world-wide pandemic. Parents and children are navigating working from home, e-learning, changing schedules and an unknown future. In this 1-hour training we will explore how play, mindfulness, and gratitude can help families manage the stressors of everyday living in an uncertain time. We will also discuss how grief can impact families and ways to manage expectations during this difficult time.

Watch the full presentation here.

Somatic Experiencing with Rhonda Kelloway

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a psychobiological method for resolving trauma symptoms, relieving chronic stress, and increasing the capacity to negotiate stress and trauma.

This presentation covers how the SE approach understands traumatic stress and human stress behavior and how the framework of SE can assess where a person is “stuck” in fight/flight/freeze responses. It will look at how SE’s clinical tools help to resolve fixated states, transform old patterns, and strengthen resiliency.

Watch the full presentation here.

Rent Our Conference Room

When Illinois reopens, have we got a space for you!

Need to host a professional presentation? Take a look at our new conference room. Host 25 to 30 people classroom style, or smaller groups with tables. There’s also a sink and counter area for serving food. This room comes complete with a projector system built in.

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