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Therapy for Children

Helping Families with Young Children

Every Child Wants to Feel Safe, Understood, Empowered, and Loved

As parents, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We often get caught up in things that aren’t working or minimize and/or forget what is working well. But when we look more closely, we can find solutions. Therapy helps you and your child look at all of the pieces of the puzzle to determine the best path forward.

At The Juniper Center, our mental health professionals are here to help you and your children during this difficult and challenging time. We understand the importance of providing our children with the tools, coping strategies, and positive mindset needed to experience a happy, confident, and meaningful life.

Therapy & Counseling

Compassionate Counseling Services for Children of All Ages

At The Juniper Center, we believe with the right support and tools; every child has the potential to live a happy and meaningful life. Our team of mental health professionals works with parents to help their children uncover patterns and to identify the elements and context that draws out natural supports for both child and parent.

Whether your child is struggling with a newly blended family, communication issues, tantrums, trauma, sexuality, gender identity, depression, ADHD/ADD, or mental illness, therapy can help.

Contact a member of our team to schedule your no-obligation consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.

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