Can Counseling for PTSD help you?

Traumatic and life-threatening events in either the recent or distant past can carry a wide range of psychological, emotional, relational and health-related consequences for years to come. Trauma can come in the form of a life-threatening experience, exposure to threatening circumstances or certain types of abuse. People that have suffered from trauma may begin to experience symptoms of a condition called Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. These symptoms are usually addressed through a combination of therapy interventions, and sometimes with the use of medication in addition to therapy.

What is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

PTSD is a dysregulation of the stress response that we are all born with (sometimes called the “fight-or-flight” response). There is a lot of variability in the symptom patterns associated with PTSD, and there may be differences based on the gender, culture, family environment and medical status of the person experiencing the symptoms. Common symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, intrusive thoughts about the event(s), hypervigilance, anger outbursts and even flashbacks about the event(s). PTSD can be a very debilitating condition causing disruptions in a person’s work life, family relationships and physical health.

How is PTSD Treated?

Counseling for PTSD is different depending on the symptom pattern and duration. Sometimes anxiety is specifically emphasized by teaching skills such as mindfulness, muscle relaxation and breathing exercises. Traumatic events are sometimes processed with specific techniques designed to reduce the psychological and physical response they trigger. Other issues that may be related to the main PTSD symptoms such as behavioral issues or relationship conflict may also be of particular focus. If medication might be a helpful addition to treatment, your therapist can help you weigh out the benefits and risks, and refer you to a physician for a more detailed discussion of medication options, if you choose.

Do You Have PTSD Specialists?

Yes, The Juniper Center has multiple counselors that are specifically trained to work with trauma victims and PTSD as a specialty. Were have therapists that are trained in EMDR, a specialized intervention for trauma as well as therapists who work specifically with complex trauma issues that arise when PTSD is chronic and severe. There are interventions based on meditation, yoga and a host of other modalities that allow treatment to be tailored to the best fit of the individual.

We’re here to help! Starting therapy for trauma or PTSD can be daunting, and we want to make the process as calming, welcoming and caring as possible. If you have questions, or would like to set up an initial visit with a counselor, we encourage you to give us a call or send us an email. Our contact information can be found here, on our contact page.