Couples, like individuals, come in every shape and variety. There is no “one size fits all” approach to working through difficulties but the main priority for all of the couples we see is the same: a healthy relationship. All couples have struggles from time to time, and people seek out help for a wide range of reasons. The Juniper Center takes great care in approaching your needs in a flexible, compassionate and effective manner.

How Does Couples Therapy Help?

All of us approach problems with our own set of assumptions, fears, biases and needs. Sometimes these give us a filter through which we hear and respond to tension or conflict. Couples therapists are trained specifically to help us become more aware, and respond more openly and accurately to the issues that come up in our relationships. Having a trained third party at the table can be one of the most effective ways to overcome difficult topics in a safe, empathic and supportive environment. By scheduling time out of your busy week to focus on improving your relationship, it is given greater priority in your day-to-day awareness. In many ways, simply deciding to work on the relationship in a structured way is a big part of what helps things change. For many couples, counseling provides an opportunity to refocus on the task at hand, and resolve to do it better for another week.

Couples Therapy Provides Tools

The goal for most couples is not to eliminate conflict, but rather to develop healthy ways of responding to conflict and achieving a good outcome to conflict. In the right context, conflict can be a healthy component of a couples’ growth. Relationship counselors develop a broad range of tools to help you effective communicate, manage difficult emotions and engage in dialogue with one another that is more likely to lead to understanding. We know that couples want to feel better as soon as possible, so we work hard to provide effective tools that you can begin to implement during your initial visits. As part of your work in couples therapy, you’ll learn to express your ideas and emotions more effectively, as well as how to listen in a more active and accurate manner. You’ll learn practical tools to help increase the positive attributes of your relationship, and to begin to improve your routine interactions, as well as improve the manner in which you approach conflict.

What Do We Talk About in Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy focuses on a wide range of topics, and can be different for each couple. Some couples come looking for better communication, or ideas about developing their relationship in a more meaningful direction. Other couples come with specific problems such as finances, parenting, intimacy or some stressful event such as an affair or loss of employment. Couples therapy can provide an objective, safe environment to begin to work through some of these topics and to build better ways of addressing them in the future. One of the biggest benefits to couples therapy is the longevity of the results….once you acquire new skills, the tend to remain in your toolbox for many years to come.

How Do I Get Started?

Couples therapy begins with a first visit, called an “intake”. This is an in-person session aimed at gathering all of the information needed to develop a plan to get things on track. You’ll have a chance to become familiar with your counselor, and they will have a chance to learn about the backdrop of the issues that brought you to therapy. If you have questions prior to starting with a counselor, we would be happy to have someone give you a call. The best way to get started is to email us or give our intake coordinator a call. Our contact information can be found here, on our contact page.