De-Stress with The Juniper Center this Veterans Day


The Juniper Center in Park Ridge, IL invites veterans, their families and the community to pause and say thank you for your service on this Veterans Day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Noon to 2 pm

Please join us for lunch, tour the new facility and activities to help de-stress and build health and body awareness.

  • Help Your Body Relax through Movement with The Juniper Center
  • Gas Pedal Stuck? Learn how to Apply the Brake and Find Balance with Family Tree Chiropractic

Stop by to enjoy a delicious lunch.

1440 Renaissance Dr.
Park Ridge, IL 60068
847-759-9110 Ext. 1

People affected by traumatic events just want to feel better. Using state of the art treatments we help people sleep better, feel less angry, feel less startled or afraid, sleep better and overall have better, more satisfying lives.  Trauma responses are a result of the brains emergency response system getting stuck in the on position.  We work with you to help get your brain and body back in balance so that you can move on with your life.

Dr. Whitney Fandel and Family Tree Chiropractic promote well-being and the enhancement of health by concentrating on the location and removal of a severe form of spine and nerve stress.

The Juniper Tree is resilient beyond measure, growing and thriving in the most barren of places. Shaped by the wind and sun, its trunk becomes a beautiful, majestic sculpture amidst treacherous terrain.


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