Dr. Jacquot on Transgender and Gender Nonconformity in the Workplace at NIEAPA Conference June 6 - Counseling & Therapy Services - The Juniper Center

Dr. Margo Jacquot will speak at the 39th Annual NIEAPA Conference of the Northern Illinois Employee Assistance Professionals Association on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at the Drury Lane Theatre in Oakbrook Terrace IL.  Dr. Jacquot’s topic, “Transgender and gender nonconformity in the workplace: What is all this gender business, and what does it have to do with my business?” is a perfect complement to the NIEAPA conference theme of “Integration of Clinical Excellence and Cultural Competency.”

“There are technical aspects with new laws related to gender and bathrooms in public spaces. But it is more broadly about creating inclusive environments and outstanding customer experiences for members of the LGBTQIA community,” says Dr. Jacquot. The session is intended to be interactive. Dr. Jacquot encourages people to ask questions about their own experiences or needs in their businesses.

“You can even ask what all of the letters in LGBTQIA stand for,” she jokes, understanding that sometimes misunderstandings arise simply from lack of knowledge about a particular community. “That’s where stereotypes can get in the way,” she adds. “Proper pronoun use and self-identity in the transgender community is a topic that often comes up during this presentation.”

The 1.5 hour workshop will cover: Making the workplace welcoming and safe for LGBTQ and non‐LGBTQ people alike; Bathrooms and fitting rooms. What now?; Illinois labor laws regarding LGBTQ people; and What have you always wanted to know about LGBTQ people but were afraid (or didn’t know who) to ask. This presentation was previously presented for the Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce, and is available and adaptable for a variety of settings and professional organizations.

The NIEAPA conference brings together employee assistance program managers, benefits managers, clinical psychologists, medical directors, social workers, counselors and community liaisons. The focus is to connect with others in the EAP community and to raise awareness around topics of interest to the community. This year’s Keynote Speaker is Dr. Scott D. Miller, founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence, “a world-wide community of practitioners, healthcare managers, educators and researchers dedicated to promoting excellence in behavioral healthcare services.” Dr. Miller will speak on “Achieving Clinical Excellence.”

See the full conference agenda and learn more about NIEAPA 2017 conference registration here.


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