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Are you trying to lose weight but find yourself frustrated? The media tells us that you just need to eat less and move more.  Easy right? Of course it is not that easy! Sure we need to eat foods rich in nutrients.  We also need to move our bodies and get all of our muscles working together.

Well what the media neglects to talk about is the most important muscle in our body…OUR BRAIN! Our thoughts are more powerful than we can imagine.  What we think and feel plays such an important part in how we act. I am amazed at how many people I speak to know exactly what to eat and how to exercise but still struggle to get their weight under control and develop long lasting healthy lifestyle habits.  When I suggest that our mind is a huge factor in our success or failure almost everyone would agree. But the problem is that those same people are afraid to explore and examine how they think and feel in regards to obtaining a healthy weight. I know change is scary and difficult under the best of circumstances. But if we are afraid of exploring our own feelings and thoughts so that we can conquer life’s challenges, then how are we supposed to get anywhere. Learning new mental skills can set you up for success not only in weight loss but in other areas of life as well.

Ready to take charge of your weight? Then let’s exercise your mind together. The mental skills you learn will last a life time.

Carla Carter, Ed.D., LPC, CC-AASP


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