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Family Therapy

Strengthen Communication to Resolve Conflict Together

Even on the best of days, maintaining a healthy family dynamic can prove challenging. During the most challenging times, it can feel downright impossible! Like other relationships, families experience their fair share of happiness and joy, laughter and tears, emotional rollercoasters, arguments, and debates. However, when this conflict remains unresolved, it can chip away at the family dynamic. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted (or all of the above) trying to bring back the calm to your family – you’re not alone. At The Juniper Center, our mental health professionals are here to help you during this difficult and challenging time.

What is Family Therapy?

It’s common for a family to experience conflict as they navigate the evolving landscape of life, living with each other, and loving one another. Designed to help every member of your family grow and become more emotionally connected, family therapy helps establish the communication tools, boundaries, and rules needed to live peacefully. It may be used as the primary mode of treatment or as a complementary approach. At The Juniper Center, we leverage our compassion, experience, and scientific solution to help you and your loved ones address the challenges impacting your family. We believe with the right support and tools; everyone has the potential to cultivate positive and loving relationships to enhance their lives. We recognize that not all families are the same. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each family has a unique dynamic. Whether you are dealing with a newly blended family, the ramifications of divorce, the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence, communication issues, trauma, or mental illness, family therapy can help.

Family therapy can help address the following concerns and challenges:

Family Therapy Can Help

  • Parents who feel disconnected or in conflict with their child/teen more often than not.
  • Blended families seeking to achieve more peace in their homes.
  • Parents navigating separation or divorce who witness their children experiencing grief, anger, or sadness.
  • Families who have adopted children and are struggling with complicated feelings of frustration, betrayal, past trauma, sadness, or grief.
  • Families who are raising children or teens with autism, sensory integration challenges, developmental delays, or physical disabilities.
  • Families with children or teens struggling with depression, substance abuse, tantrums, ADHD, emotional outbursts, and other challenges.
  • Families where one or more member has experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.
  • Adolescents who struggle with anger, emotional outbursts, depression, or anxiety.

Helping You Live Your Best Life

At The Juniper Center, we understand it takes courage to ask for help. It’s natural to feel a bit apprehensive about discussing your family problems, but we’re here to help. You do not have to face these challenges alone. Using a combination of techniques at the forefront of neurological science and compassionate care, we empower our clients to live their best lives. Our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals are committed to helping your family find the solutions they need to enhance communication, reconnect, and achieve long-term satisfaction and happiness. What matters to you, matters to us. Contact a member of our team to schedule your no-obligation consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.

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