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Have Questions? Get Answers.

We know you’ll have questions before starting the process of meeting with a counselor or medical practitioner. You may want to know if your health insurance will cover the cost, what time of day a clinician is available, or if anyone has specialized experience with the concerns that are bringing you to this website.

To receive a call or an email from our administrative staff, please contact us via this form:

Need to reschedule your ongoing appointment?
Contact your clinician directly via email (first and last name @thejunipercenter.com for example janedoe@thejunipercenter.com), direct number (provided to you by your clinician), or through your Simple Practice client portal private messaging.

Need to make a payment?
Please go to www.thejunipercenter.com/payment

Have new insurance?
Please email billing@thejunipercenter.com and include images of the front and back of your new insurance card.

Is this an emergency?
Call 847-759-9110 (Ext 0) to hear a full list of emergency contacts.

General Questions?
Call 847-759-9110 (Ext 1) for our Front Desk

Questions about scheduling your intake or your already scheduled intake appointment?
Call 847-759-9110 (Ext 2) or email access@thejunipercenter.com

Questions for the Medication Management / Psychiatric Team?
Call 847-759-9110 (Ext 3) or email medical@thejunipercenter.com

Questions about your bill?
Call 847-759-9110 (Ext 4) or email billing@thejunipercenter.com

Questions for HR?
Call 847-759-9110 (Ext 5)

Questions about CEUs or webinars?
Call 847-759-9110 (Ext 6) mail ceus-webinars@thejunipercenter.com

Awards & Recognition
Awards & Recognition

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