Individual and Family Therapy at The Juniper Center
How Family Therapy at The Juniper Center Helps

How Family Therapy at The Juniper Center Helps

When we first came to Juniper Center my husband was dealing with depression and anxiety.  As a result he lost his job and was very withdrawn from the family. Then, as the communication at home broke down, I knew it was time for us to seek help.  After so many years of being together I felt like I didn’t know who Dave* was.  He was withdrawn from me and my girls.  The girls were aware of what he was going through. They noticed the changes at home. And, I could see they were struggling to understand everything.  I knew that if I was struggling as an adult, there was no way I could help them the way they needed me too.

The Juniper Center wasn’t our first experience with therapy.  Dave was seeing a different therapist outside of The Juniper Center, and so was I. It was my therapist who suggested The Juniper Center, to find someone for Dave* and I to see together.

Dave and I together couldn’t have been happier with the relationship therapist we were connected with.  From our first meeting we knew she was a good match for us and would help us.

The Juniper Center helped our whole family with individual and family therapy.

At the same time, Dave’s therapist was not meeting his needs and helping him to progress, so he switched over to a clinician at The Juniper Center for his individual therapy.  He also saw a psychiatrist at The Juniper Center to help with his medications.

Dave and I attended couples therapy together. Our older daughter had a therapist who had specialization in youth and teens, to help her. Our younger daughter had a therapist for her. She continues to see her therapist at The Juniper Center for reasons beyond what originally brought us there.

“I am so grateful for all those people and the way they helped our family!”

Each individual we came in contact with at The Juniper Center was wonderful!  They were patient, understanding, accommodating, flexible, and more.  Each therapist we encountered was a good match for us as individuals.  There was no feeling of judgement or shame.  Quite the opposite, there was a sense of normalcy. People go through things they can’t always handle on their own and that The Juniper Center was there to help.  It felt very genuine.

How The Juniper Center made our family stronger.

Now I feel like we have the communication skills to work through situations that we didn’t have before.  We now all stop and pause before responding to each other.  We have a different sense of empathy and understanding for one another.  I thought we were an empathetic family before, but this is a whole new level.  Although we went through a very difficult time, we learned some positive things about ourselves through it. Most of that came from the help we got at The Juniper Center.

Why choose The Juniper Center?

If someone asked me why choose The Juniper Center over another counseling and therapy practice, I would tell them that The Juniper Center offers such a variety of therapists and services that it is easy to find the right match for what they are looking for. I would tell them that EVERYONE we encountered from the intake to billing to individual therapists was wonderful.

One thing I’ve learned throughout this experience is the importance of mental health.  There is such a push for physical health and required doctor/dentist visits annually, but it’s not the same for mental health.  It’s not talked about so it feels like a taboo topic.  I wish that everyone would get a mental health check-up at least once a year, just like we go to a regular physician or dentist.

Going to the therapists has provided some clarity and realizations that I don’t think we would have learned on our own. Anyone who I talk to that is struggling in any way, I definitely recommend they seek out help and go to The Juniper Center.

*Client names have been changed for privacy.


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