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Medication Management / Psychiatry

Our team of Medical Doctors and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners provide:

  • Assessments / Diagnosis
  • Medication Management to a wide variety of indications
    • Anxiety
    • OCD
    • Panic Disorders
    • Depression
    • Bipolar
    • PTSD / C-PTSD
    • Substance Use
    • Chronic Illness
    • Schizophrenia / Schizoaffective
    • Dementia
    • and more

Meet the Medication Management / Psychiatry Team at The Juniper Center

Richard Shapiro MD
Richard Shapiro, MD, Psychiatrist
Daisy Nie, Psychiatrist
Rick Clark, CRNA, APRN
Paul Edwards, PMHNP-BC
Allene Quick - Medical Service Administrator

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