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Medication serves an important role in mental healthcare. Depending on their specific needs, medication can aid patients in crisis or manage conditions for the long term. While some patients benefit from therapy alone, many require a combination of medication and therapy interventions. Medication management is an essential component of the mental health process. Health care providers and patients work together to ensure that they have the right balance of medication.


Getting to Know Medication Management

At The Juniper Center, we recognize that when it comes to medication and treatment plans, one-size does not fit all. What may work for one patient, may not work for another patient. While some patients respond well to psychological services (such as CBT or ACT), other patients require a combination of psychological and psychiatric services to meet their needs. Conditions and needs can change over time. Medication management helps to ensure medications create the right effect on the patient’s mental state. For example, individuals with chronic conditions and long-term medication programs may find their bodies have adjusted and adapted to their existing dosage. When this happens, health care providers may need to adjust the dosage or change medication for the benefit of the patient. 

Additionally, the professionals at The Juniper Center ensure your medications all work well together. Our medication management services are designed to help our patients who require psychiatric medications for their mental health needs. Typically, our medication management services are provided concurrently with therapy services to create a deep understanding of our patients challenges and life circumstances.


Typical medication management services include:


Common conditions to be treated with medication include, but are not limited to:


Helping You Live Your Best Life

At The Juniper Center, we understand it takes courage to ask for help, and we don’t expect you to do it alone. Using a combination of scientific techniques and compassionate care, we empower our clients to live their best lives. Our team of mental health professionals leverages their extensive experience and training to create individualized treatment plans to help our clients reach their professional, personal, and mental health goals. 

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