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Probiotics for Health

Probiotics for Health


Everyone has heard of the effects mental health can have on your body. Headaches, upset stomach, chest pain, these are all ways that your mind can impact how your body feels. Lower your stress and you will feel better physically.


But did you know it works the other way around as well?


Of course there are times when psychotropic medication may be the right solution for someone to feel better from mental health issues. But they come with possible side-effects, increasing cost, and challenges with insurance coverage. And there’s risk of behavioral issues as the opioid crisis that has dominated the news in recent months affirms.


How physical body wellness connects to better mental health.

That’s why Kate Wilamska, LCSW at The Juniper Center, talks about the the important of physical body wellness and how that connects to better mental health. Here she shares three things that would be helpful or insightful for people to know about this topic:


Spine Alignment

Misalignment of your spine can cause an increase in anxiety, among other symptoms presenting as mental illness. A visit to a chiropractor, naprapath or osteopath might be just the ticket to lift your spirits.



“Good bacteria,” aka “probiotics” help your body function properly so you can feel better. In fact, says Kate, 90% of your serotonin, which regulates the level of your happiness/depression, is produced in your gut. Have some kefir or kimchee to boost your mood.


Natural “Chemical De-tox”

The flood of chemicals that your body produces to survive stress stay in your body for 30 hours after a stressful event—even after you may feel calmed down. If you spend 25 minutes a day in meditation, yoga, walking or just standing in nature, weather permitting, that chemical cocktail will get out of your cells much faster.


While this article talked about changes in your physical body, talking to someone can also help. Give us a call at 847.759.9110 and let us know how we can help.


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