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Are you a clinician looking to find the balance between providing compassionate client care and business agility for your mental health practice? Tune in for all things YOU need to know to start or grow your practice and better serve clients across the board. Topics range from back-office fundamentals, professional networking, and telehealth to current brain science modalities, LGTBQ inclusion and more.  

Join your host, Margo Jacquot, PsyD, a long-time veteran and business owner of The Juniper Center, one of the largest women-owned counseling practices serving Chicagoland and all of Illinois with telehealth. Margo shares her thought leadership, lessons learned, trends in mental health, and leads powerful discussions with industry and business experts, all to help more clinicians fulfill their dream of creating a thriving practice. 

Crain’s Chicago Business 2020 Notable Entrepreneurs and Enterprising Women of the Year Awards are among Dr. Jacquot’s awards and recognition. She was honored as a 2019 Women2Watch from the Women Presidents’ Organization, was the 2017 Stevie Gold Winner for Women in Business, and was among the 2016 Women of Influence honorees by the Chicago Business Journal.

If you are interested in being a guest on our podcast, please contact us at krispurtell@thejunipercenter.com


Episode 59: Clearing Your Energetic Clutter with Coaching (Guest: Tanya Cole-Lesnick)

Episode 58: An Effective Intake Process (Guest: Mark Jacquot)

Episode 57: Infusing a Trauma Informed Approach in your Practice & with Clients (Guest: Dr. Bianka Hardin)

Episode 56: Life After Selling – The Importance of Having an Exit Strategy (Guest: Joyce Marter)

Episode 55: Emergency Situations & Client Confidentiality (Guest: Jonathan Nye)

Episode 54: Reverse Mentoring – Never Stop Learning (Guest: Julie Noonan)

Episode 53: Finding Ways to Thrive (Guest: Maira Holzmann)

Episode 52: Pivoting Back to In-Person Therapy (Guest: Dr. Jeremy Bidwell)

Episode 51: What to Know BEFORE Signing a Lease (Guest: Michelle Schroeder)

Episode 50: Generating Joy with Sealion Bryan (Guest: Bryan Martin)

Episode 49: Exploring Executive Loneliness (Guest:Nick Jonsson)

Episode 48: Mid-Year Mental Health Trends (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 47: Bust-A-Move (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 46: Incorporating Feng Shui into your Office Space (Guest: Jackie Piller)

Episode 45: Becoming Truly Inclusive: Incorporating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) into your practice (Guest: Dr. Kristen Donnelly)

Episode 44: Candidate Driven Hiring (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 43: Taking Your Book Idea from Concept to Reality (Guest: Julie Broad)

Episode 42: Marketing Content – Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 41: Cultivating Grit (Guest: Caroline Adams Miller)

Episode 40: Mindset Shifts – It’s time to practice what we preach (Guest: Dr. Nilda Perez)

Episode 39: What is a Fractional CFO & Do I Need One? (Guest: Melissa Houston)

Episode 38: Take Time to Make Time: Essential tips for business growth (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 37: Resilience and The Power of Moments (Guests: Dr. Bruce Perry & Dr. Joe Laipple)

Episode 36: Exciting Trends in Mental Health for 2022 (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 35: Legal Wisdom every practice owner needs to have (Guest: Jonathan Nye)

Episode 34: Change – You manage things but LEAD people (Guest: Mark Jacquot)

Episode 33: Change Management – The most important factor is trust (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 32: The Best of 2021

Episode 31: Redefining Practice Partnerships (Guests: Julianne Neely and Ritamaria Laird)

Episode 30: Business Structures & Legal Necessities for Therapists (Guest: Jonathan Nye)

Episode 29: To Mask or Not to Mask and other HR COVID questions in practice (Guest: Sandra Teague)

Episode 28: Culture – What Does it FEEL Like to Work Here (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 27: SHOW You Care – A new way to think about video that won’t break the bank (Guest: Bryant Walker)

Episode 26: The Money Episode – Get paid what you’re worth (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 25: Work/Life Balance: Finding the balance that is right for YOU (Guest: Dr. Bianka Hardin)


Episode 20: Living Your Best Life: The intrinsic relationship between mental health & money (Guest: Joyce Marter)

Episode 19: Blogs: What are they & why do you need one (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 18: How to Own Your Story with Social Media (Guest: Deanna Shoss)

Episode 17: Telehealth: What you don’t know CAN hurt you (Guest: Dr. Marlene Maheu)

Episode 16: Culture: The heartbeat of your practice. How & why to create and maintain it (Guest: Dr. John Frampton)

Episode 15: Demolish the Stigma – Proactive ways to normalize mental health care

Episode 14: Doing Your Own Work: The softer skills practice owners need to embody (Guest – Sarah Buino)

Episode 13: From Processing to Processes: Building an office infrastructure to effectively support your practice (Guest – Mark Jacquot)

Episode 12: Facilitating Faster Change: Infusing your therapy practice with the best of coaching (Guest – Lynn Grodzki)

Episode 11: New Ways to Think about Testimonials that are Powerful and Ethically OK (Guest – Deanna Shoss)

Episode 10: Is Insurance Right for Me? Important Considerations to help you decide (Guest – Kym Tolson)

Episode 9: Amp up your Energy in Teletherapy while Maintaining your Authenticity (Guest – Deanna Shoss)

Episode 8: Resilience in the Face of Adversity – in Business & Clinical Practice (Guest – Howard Baumgarten)

Episode 7: Making a Memorable Introduction (Guest – Catherine Johns)

Episode 6: Hiring the Right People For Your Small Business

Episode 5: Legal & Ethical Insights Clinicians Need to Have (Guest – Jonathon Nye)

Episode 4: Why the Insurance Company is Not Your Enemy

Episode 3: Innovative Thoughts from a Successful Practice Owner (Guest – Dr. Jeremy Bidwell)

Episode 2: How to Create the Practice of Your Dreams

Episode1: Getting your business to Operate, Grow. & Thrive (Guest – Rebecca Berneck)

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