Navigating the Physical and Mental Impacts of Menopause with Adelle Martin - Counseling & Therapy Services - The Juniper Center

Adelle Martin was told she was suffering from depression and needed to quit her high-powered finance job to deal with it. Turns out it was peri-menopause. When a woman is pregnant with her first child, the world celebrates her. When she is going through the equally momentous and natural stage of menopause, there’s silence and little support.

In this episode of The Juniper Center Thrive Live, Margo talks with midlife women’s coach and menopause expert Adelle Martin about the 40 changes women go, through both physical and mental, how to prepare and thrive, and how businesses can support women in all stages of life.



  • Menopause can be mistaken for depression or other mental health disorders
  • Sleep (more of it) , Strength (training), Stress (reduction), Snacks (healthy diet) are key to managing menopause and thriving post 40.
  • No joking matter: this is a natural part of aging. Time to bring it into the open and celebrate it.


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