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The List-Resources for Transgender Chicago

Stressing out about where to find resources that are beneficial for trans+* individuals, their families, allies, and providers? Stress no more as the solution is here, with the launch of The List website, ” a Chicagoland-based collection of resources for Trans and Gender Nonconforming folx and those who support them.”

As a therapist focusing her work on supporting the queer community, The List creator, Ariel “Ari” Groner, Assistant Director of The Juniper Center, would note resources to share with clients by recording them in a spreadsheet. Over time this spreadsheet grew, and she shared it with all who reached out looking for resources, whether that be a client, parent, or fellow provider. This collection became known as “The List” and she aspired to expand a simple Google Sheet into a full-fledged website.

​”It is so validating and empowering to have spaces that celebrate you for who you are. Resource collectives like The List are vital to supporting the Trans and Gender non-conforming community,” says Madeline Butler, The List logo designer and one of four interns engaged by Ari to bring the website to fruition.

Madeline was joined by Madison Ellis, Katie Hatches, and Dani Kallis, making up a powerhouse team that updated information and added resources to create connections for and within the community. “The community needs something like this that covers a breadth of educational and supportive resources,” adds Dani.

“We want this website to be a place where people can come to find support, community, and information,” says Ari.

*trans+ is used as an umbrella term to include all gender and sex minorities.

Read more about the list and find resources here.


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