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Christine Miller, LSW

Licensed Social Worker

Erikson Institute in Chicago
Pronouns: she/her

Christine has been involved with family care for most of her life – as a mother, a teacher, a doula, and a family support professional. It is her goal to provide children and their families with the tools, support, education, and infrastructure essential to navigating the challenges of all stages of life, from early childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood. Her experiences and unique challenges as a mother particularly inform her practice; she knows how these journeys are among the most emotional and impactful portions of our lives, a reality too often overlooked, misunderstood, and underserved.

After a degree in Early Childhood Education from Iowa State University, Christine dedicated herself to supporting families and children. From her work as a childcare provider to her service as a CASA, she’s devoted herself to helping those around her with the joys and challenges of family life. She returned to complete her MSW at the Erikson Institute in Chicago, to further expand her practice and ability to help families and children.

My love/passion is for children and families, and this is what has motivated me to work alongside new and experienced parents and their children to create happy and healthy memories. She also has extensive experience supporting adult clients through various challenges in their life.

Christine is an open-minded and inclusive, and non-judgmental individual, and happy to see clients from all walks of life, orientations, and needs. She is guided in her daily life by her faith, and believes in a strength-based approach to life and to everything that she does.

“The beliefs that guide my practice as a professional social worker are that people are not broken and that no one needs to be fixed, that mental health is a right and not a privilege for those that have the ability to pay for services, and that doing my best and giving the best that I have to give is good enough. I cannot give more than I have to give. I also believe that part of learning is making mistakes. We need to learn from our mistakes and find out what went wrong and by doing so that makes us better at understanding ourselves and supporting others on their life-long journey. The final belief that I have is that we are all on journey and that the road may be long and bumpy but that does not mean that the journey is not worth the ride.”

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