Diane Powers, PsyD, CADC, CSAT

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


Park Ridge

Dr. Diane Powers, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, has been working in the behavioral issues field since 1976. She worked with families, couples, groups and individuals in various treatment modalities. In 1986, she was the Program Director of a free-standing chemical dependency facility. A Grant Recipient of the State of Illinois for the development and maintenance of EAPs, she next developed her own Employee Assistance Program Corporation. She has been a private contractor with The Juniper Center since 2006.

She specializes in treating trauma and behavioral issues, PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders. She continues to work with families, groups, couples and individuals, often using Somatic Processing EMDR as a technique for reducing symptoms of PTSD and other problems. Dr. Powers has recently become a Certified Sex Behavioral Issues Therapist (CSAT). She has conducted numerous presentations featuring her theory of the etiology of behavioral issues. She is currently writing a book, I’m a Bunny But I Wanna be a Giraffe.

“Assisting individuals in understanding the origin and evolution of their problems often helps them to break through their confusion, fear and shame regarding their symptoms and reach a new prospective of how they arrived where they are presently and how they can grow beyond this point. Watching individuals begin to have hope for a better life and then embark upon obtaining that life is the most satisfying part of my profession.”