Don Rossoff

Clinical Intern

Capella University

Don Rossoff picture for Juniper

Park Ridge

Don (he/him/his) is a clinical intern, completing his Masters degree in couples and family therapy through the COAMFTE-accredited program at Capella University and working with individuals 21 and older, couples and families. Knowing that one size does not fit all and that you are unique, valued, and precious, Don’s approach honors diversity and is eclectic. He incorporates solution focused therapy, narrative therapy, rational emotive behavior and therapy, family systems therapy, and Gottman therapy. He also offers Prepare/Enrich counseling for engaged and newly married couples.

Among the concerns Don addresses are issues for individuals, couples and family discord and growth, life problems and transitions, aging, illness, and loss. With 39 years of experience offering pastoral counseling as a congregational rabbi, Don counsels persons of all faith backgrounds including clergy, clergy spouses/partners, and clergy families.

“Everything is what it is and acts as it acts because of its relationships with something else. This is true on levels cosmic, quantum, and, of course, human. Your relationships, past and present, provide the context in which you experience love and loss, anger and forgiveness, hurt and healing, despair and hope. Hope is the fuel for resilience and perseverance; it propels you into the future for which you would wish. Hope is not the fantasy that things will simply turn out well. Hope is the knowledge that you have or can access the resources you need to cope in life-affirming ways with what you are dealing today and whatever may come your way tomorrow. Together we do the work which substantiates your hope.”