Mirel Castle, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Illinois School of Professional Psychology


Park Ridge

Dr. Mirel Castle is a licensed clinical psychologist with a focus on psychoanalytic and relational perspectives. Her experience includes providing psychotherapy to adults and children, family therapy, neurofeedback therapy and child group therapy for those with a wide range of emotional and developmental presentations. She also conducts neuropsychological evaluations as well as assist families with school placements and the IEP process. In addition, she has involvement in community-based organizations that provide psychological and psycho-educational services. Her research projects and interests include qualitative investigations on mourning and loss, interventions for families with special needs as well as psychology and spirituality.

“Each individual’s journey is unique. By working together in a collaborative and supportive way, people can embrace their personal story in a caring and respectful manner that helps identify strengths, creates self-awareness and increases fulfillment in one’s relationships.”