Mo Deslandes, PsyD.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Illinois School of Professional Psychology


Park Ridge

Dr. Mo Deslandes (they/them) graduated from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and is currently a postdoctoral fellow with The Juniper Center. Over their career, Mo has worked in a variety of areas, including complex trauma, severe mental health, and behavioral issues. They have focused their practice on sitting with clients and understanding the client’s truth and perspective, using sessions to help explore clients’ inner selves through processing and being allowed a positive space to best understand a client’s needs. By creating a positive space which feels comfortable, Mo works with clients to find what is most helpful and rewarding in sessions and allows the clients to guide their therapy journey in a manner that fits best.

I believe all people have the ability to flourish and achieve growth if only given the space and support they need. I enjoy working with others to build the space they need in order to live a life congruent with their goals and positively impacting themselves.

My areas of specialty include: LGBTQIA+; Trauma recovery; Anxiety and coping skills; Emerging adults and concerns; Eating disorder recovery; behavioral issues and recovery; Severe mental illness; Poly and kink knowledgeable therapy