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Nash (Belongs to Lisa Wiersema)

Certified Therapy Dog

Hi Everyone! My name is Nash after my mommy and daddy’s favorite place Nashville. I love going to training to be a good boy and help others smile. I hear I am such a good boy that I passed a test and am called a “Certified Therapy Dog”. My favorite thing is to be pet (even more than playing with other dogs.) My mommy and daddy will tell people to pet me, Nashy, very often because it helps me be better at my job and I love when people say I am so soft. I have a little sister named Bella and she is a Shih Tzu. Mommy, daddy, and I love her very much.

When I am not being a Certified Therapy Dog, I love to play with my stuffed animal I call Lamb Lamb and jumping through all the fun hoop courses. My mommy calls them doggy sports and I am really excited when we get to play. I love going to work with my mommy who loves helping others feel better too and I think we make a great team! If you come see me, just give me pets and we will be buddies.

(Nash belongs to Lisa Wiersema)

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