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Families with Gender Creative

Hi all,

Please join us for our monthly networking/learning meeting on Friday, April 21 from 9:30 to 11 am. We meet at The Juniper Center Park Ridge location at 1440 Renaissance Dr., Suite 320.

This month we will be discussing…

Where’s the Owner’s Manual for This One: Helping parents and families who have gender creative, gender non-conforming and transgender children find their way in a new world.

Parents and families of gender creative kids are being faced with challenges for which they have little understanding, no experience and no mentors.  While parents may want to be helpful to their children, often they do not know how to digest the information, navigate the larger family system or allay their fears that their child’s life is ruined.

We will address all of these issues and offer practical suggestions of how to assist families in this navigating this brave, new, gender creative world.

Dr. Margo Jacquot Bio

Dr. Margo Jacquot, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Supervisory Behavioral Issuess Counselor and Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress. She is also a local and national lecturer on trauma recovery, behavioral issues, LGBTQ affirming therapies and working with couples. Margo is Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. She provides clinical consultation to other therapists regarding treating trauma, behavioral issues, couples therapy and sensitivity to LGBTQ issues in therapy, as well as private practice development and management.  Another passion is consultation to businesses and community organizations regarding behavioral health and healthy workplace policies. A newer addition to her clinical practice, Margo is working with many parents and families of gender creative kids to find their way in uncharted territories.

Event is Free (CEU available, $10)

One (1), State of Illinois approved CEU will be available. The event is free and CEU’s are $10.

Fruit, pastries, coffee and tea will be available.

Please RSVP to Please let us know if you would like the CEU.

We hope that you can join us!


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