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If you're ready to pay, click the button below. For additional help, please scroll down this page.

Additional Help: How to make a payment via SimplePractice Client Portal:

Step 1: Navigate to 

You can always find this page by going our website and clicking ‘Sign In’ on the top right corner.

Step 2: On the next screen click “I’m an existing client” or ‘Existing Client? Sign In’

Step 3: Either link will take you to the next page where you enter your email address and click ‘Send Link’

Step 4: The next screen will prompt you to log into your email address where a secure link will give you 24 hour access
Step 5: After logging in you your email and clicking the green SIGN IN button, you will be taken to your portal.
Step 6: To check your balance, click ‘Billing & Payments’
Step 7: To add a credit card, click “Payment Methods” and select “+New Card”

Step 8: When adding a new card, make sure the name on the card matches, because it may automatically fill out this answer. The checkbox “Make default” will automatically be selected. This means that future payments will use this card unless you direct your clinician to use a different card on file. Default cards can be changed at any time.

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