Podcast, Episode 21: A Groundbreaking Story of Giving Back: The Wingspan Project - Counseling & Therapy Services - The Juniper Center


Do you ever want to give back to the community but can’t figure out how to get started or where to find the time? In this episode, we talk with Jeff Levy, LCSW.  Jeff is a private practice owner and also the founder of The Wingspan Project (TWP), whose mission is to make mental health and related services available to the underserved. TWP is most notably dedicated to providing services to people who have experienced discrimination and stigma and to those whose identities and communities are particularly vulnerable to systems of oppression. Jeff provides insight into the great work that The Wingspan Project does including serving underserved communities, mentoring young professionals, recognizing graduate students and community activists committed to advocacy, the VALOR program which provides support to individuals and organizations experiencing violence and loss, and Franklin’s Family that provides pet loss support to those with mental health needs. Jeff and Margo discuss how to find the time to get involved in a cause you are passionate about, how to get into the correct mindset, and things to consider if you’re thinking of starting your own non-profit.


Find us at http://mentalhealthbusinessmentor.com. If you liked this episode, please subscribe. If you would like to learn more about Jeff Levy go to https://www.jeffreylevylcsw.com/ to learn more about The Wingspan Project go to www.thewingspanproject.org.


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