The Center for Gender and Sexuality was developed to provide informed, accepting therapy for LGBTQ individuals, couples and families of choice and creation.

We know how it feels when we have to hide a part of ourselves. When we aren’t sure that someone understands us or our community, the similarities and differences, we might hesitate to allow that other person to fully see who we are. Or, we just prefer to talk to someone who we know understands us. At the Center for Gender and Sexuality, we understand you and the LGBTQ community. We welcome you to be fully who you are and we want you to feel understood, accepted and safe.

We are here to assist you with whatever is troubling you, whether or not it is related to your sexuality or gendering. However, some of the particular issues you bring might include:

  • Shame from having lived in a heterocentric/gender prescribing culture
  • Relationship issues stemming from differences in degrees of being out, in how you live and express your gender, in desire to parent, to participate in community, to have monogomy or non-monogamy as part of your relational contract, managing relationships with non-supportive families of origin, managing non-supportive work or living environments
  • Relationship struggles couples of all kinds experience, but where understanding of more sublte differences is helpful, like communication, desire for sex and intimacy, LGBTQ family structures, power, money
  • Therapy for LGBTQ families
  • Therapy for adults and their parent(s), siblings, other family member, so they can have a more positive relationship
  • Past traumas that affect your ability to live life as you desire
  • Issues related to how you live in your body and express your gender

What matter to you, matters to us.

Services Include:

  • Collaborative Assessment and Treatment Planning. You and your therapist will determine a best course of treatment
  • Individual, Couples, and Family therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Assessments and letter writing for those seeking sexual reassignment surgery
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Support for Gender Identity Needs

While gender has predominantly been thought of as an either/or, boy or girl phenomenon, the world is evolving and inviting scientific and lay people to re-think their understanding of what gender means. The sex of a person is based on physical characteristics present at birth. A person’s gender is considered to be based on that person’s perceived or felt identity.
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Support for Transgender Individuals

When discussing gender we may be referring to a person’s gender identity, a person’s gender expression or a combination of the two. Our gender identity includes how we see ourselves in the world.
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