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New Mandated CE Program for All Licensed Therapists

1 Continuing Education Credit, $10

Friday, March 19, 2021 – SOLD OUT
Next Session: Friday April 16, 2021
8 to 9 AM CT

Sexual harassment prevention training is required for all persons who hold a professional license issued by the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) for professions that require CE to renew. The law requires licensees to complete a one-hour CE course in sexual harassment prevention training. This CE requirement is included in the number of hours already required under the individual Acts and Rules and does not increase the number of hours required to renew a license. If you are a licensed psychologist or any type of licensed therapist, you must complete this training before you renew your license. This one-hour training counts towards the twenty-four hours required for every two-year licensing period.


At the end of this comprehensive sexual harassment prevention training you will be able to:
  • Describe what constitutes sexual harassment, with examples of sexual harassment conduct.
  • Access information about government provisions, such as remedies available to sexual harassment victims.
  • Know about an employer’s responsibility to prevent, investigate, and correct sexual harassment.
  • Share options available to report allegations of sexual harassment, including information about retaliation, also known as “whistle blower” protections; penalties for sexual harassment, false reports, and interfering with, obstructing, or failing to cooperate with a sexual harassment investigation.


Why take this training?

The Illinois Legislature enacted a law that applies to all licensed therapists. The statute requires training and are required before you renew your license and that retain documented proof of the training. The training provided by The Juniper Center will count towards meeting the licensee’s required continuing education hours. Even if you have already obtained your required [24] CE, this training must also be taken.


  • This training offered by The Juniper Center counts towards meeting your required continuing education hours.
  • Mental health therapists across the entire state of Illinois will enjoy ease of access as The Juniper Center will present the CE training in interactive webinar format.
  • The training is affordable at only $10.
  • The CE training will be applicable to private and group practices.
  • Trainings offered by other entities may not qualify for APA continuing education credits, which are approved by the Department of Professional Regulation. This training does.

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We are licensed to provide CEUs for:
Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists.



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