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Teletherapy for Anxiety

Coping with Shelter-in-Place restrictions, anxiety and uncertainty?

The Juniper Center has virtual therapists, on hand, to provide support and helpful tools that can assist you in feeling more clear, calm and comfortable. Stressful events such as this, can impact our lives in powerful ways. It is normal to feel that we are riding a rollercoaster of emotions. We may experience wide emotional swings, from panic and anxiety to loneliness and sadness, or feeling frozen and completely unable to think logically or solve problems, all in the course of one day. In this situation, we can feel distressingly out of control.

Teletherapy & Online Counseling

The Juniper Center is here to help you find some relief, with virtual therapeutic support and guidance, and with useful calming skills that you can learn for use at any time of the day. Learn more about anxiety treatment and how to connect with us via Teletherapy.

Insurance Questions

Insurance companies are quickly adjusting to cover these telehealth services. We will work with you and check with your insurance company to make this therapy widely accessible.

To reach us directly, call us at 847-759-9110, or use our web-based contact form on this page.

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