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By Ann Tharayil
The celebrity loss of life from suicide this past week was disturbing for so many. Our hearts feel empathy for families and loved ones immediately affected.
For anyone struggling with depression the news can feel downright scary.  Why did these people, despite their successful lives decide to leave us? For family members and friends who know a loved one who struggles, it can feel like the media coverage is somehow validating suicide as an option.
Well it can’t be.
As the author Jennifer Micheal Hect says in her book, Stay: A History is Suicide and the Philosophies Against It, we need to stay for everyone else. Every life is valuable and every loss hurts all of us.  The affect of suicide is devastating for those left behind.  It leaves hurt, anger, confusion, guilt and feelings of abandonment. Even when you didn’t know a person well.  It shocks and threatens all of us who have decided to embrace life no matter what.
So if the suicides in the news last week affected you, or you wondered how they affected someone who is struggling, talk.
Talk to someone about your thoughts. Ask those who are vulnerable how the news has affected them.  In light of these tragedies let’s re-commit to life and re-commit to each other.
If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or thoughts of self-harm please call the National Suicide Talk Line at: 800-273-8255.

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