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I am an avid reader of writings in my field, often posting links to articles and resources on mental health, transgender, relationships (with self and others) and a variety of other topics on The Juniper Center Facebook Page. It was fun in my meandering search about parenting and back to school as I prepared my own children for the fall transition, to come across these wise teachings. I’m sure there is some adage about trusting your gut and following your own advice somewhere in there, with these timeless parenting tips!


Why You Should Think Before Disciplining Someone Else’s Child

When you discipline someone’s child, you take away the teachable moment and embarrass the parent for not handling it. It’s asking for trouble, Rose says, because much of their identity is tied to being a parent. Instead inform them of the incident and let them handle it.

“The parent present is the parent in charge,” say Dr. Margo Jacquot, director of The Juniper Center in Park Ridge and Northfield.

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Remaining Calm When your Child Has a Tantrum

Fast-forward to elementary school and the approaching teen years—doors slam, insults hurl and cries hit unnerving decibels.

Frustrated, you want to have a tantrum. But, in teaching your child to manage his emotions, you have to keep your own in check, says Margo Jacquot, founder and director of the Juniper Center in Park Ridge and Northfield. So how do you remain calm when your child is losing it? Have compassion.

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