How to Live 100%, Authentically YOU, with Sara Weiss - Counseling & Therapy Services - The Juniper Center
Sara Weiss

The Juniper Center Thrive Live
Friday, March 4, 2022
9:30 to 10 am

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Sass Boss Sara Weiss is the champion of reinvention and not only owning your story, but re-writing it to change direction onto your true path. She has founded two six-figure companies and has the family and career of her dreams (and she’s a darn-good pickleball player, too!)

“Hack your ego to harness your power. Don’t hide based on what people will think about you!” says Sara, who is an inspirational speaker, coach, and author of two books: (Not) Born This Way and Success Principles: Acquire 10X More Customers, Clients, and Reps.

“I’ve been ridiculed for being different and endured hatred as the label “transgender” has been forced upon me. It was a lonely existence as I was buried deep in victim mentality.

I’ve overcome my challenging experiences to create an enriched life that I’ve always dreamed of,” says Sara. Now she’s a leader, a coach, wife and mother and an inspiration for people to live their greatest lives as their authentic selves.

Where to Find Sara Weiss

@SaraSassBoss on Facebook and Instagram

Or, Text COACH to 855.434.9804

More about The Juniper Center Thrive Live

The Juniper Center THRIVE Live features conversations with guests on mental health related topics to help clinicians and everyday people thrive in the face of adversity and life challenges. The show is the first Friday of every month at 9:30 am CT.

The host of the show, Dr. Margo Jacquot, is the award-winning founder and Chief Care Officer of The Juniper Center, one of the largest counseling and therapy practices across Chicagoland, with over 50 clinicians at 5 locations, plus statewide with Telehealth. Margo hosts the podcast, Mental Health Business Mentor, helping clinicians find the balance between providing compassionate client care and business agility to grow their mental health practice.


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