Life can be complicated. Sometimes events in life just change us. They would change just about anyone. Some of these events are obvious, like an accident, illness or sudden death of a loved one, combat, rape, being attacked, domestic violence, sexual or physical abuse as a child.

Other events are harder to identify, but can be just as impactful. Some of these include neglect, verbal abuse, frequent criticism, ongoing lack of empathy from a loved one, being made to feel fearful, ongoing anxiety, as a child feeling like we don’t matter, are unlovable or unwanted.

Our culture dictates a policy of picking ourselves up and moving on. Sometimes we can, and sometimes, because of the ways our brains respond to such events, our brain chemistry has been changed by these experiences and we find ourselves being triggered into feeling or acting in ways that sometimes feel beyond control. Perhaps all of the sudden we feel any one of the following:

  • Afraid, anxious or panicked
  • Angry or rageful
  • Sad
  • Unsafe
  • Ashamed
  • Helpless
  • Defective
  • Young

Or we feel like we are back there again feeling the feelings, hearing the sounds, smelling the smells that were present at the time of the original incident(s).

All of this can make us feel out of control, defective or crazy. Sometimes without our knowledge these feelings, the avoidance of these feelings, the intrusion of these feelings seeps into our homes, relationships, work, or school.

There is help and healing to be had.

At Trauma Recovery Solutions we offer some of the state of the art treatments for trauma and its effects including:

A thorough, collaborative assessment process. You and your therapist will decide the best course of treatment:

For more information on these treatment methods, please see our resource page.

The Juniper Center offers other programs that can be helpful in treating the effects of trauma:

Relationship Therapy
Acceptance Therapies
Additional Behavioral Issues

What matters to you, matters to us. Please contact us at 847-759-9110, ext.1 to begin your healing journey.