BIPOC Engagement in Mental Health with Reketta East - Counseling & Therapy Services - The Juniper Center

Friday, April 1, 2022
9:30 to 10 am

Diversity alone doesn’t work, says Reketta East, founder of RSP Consulting. But there are practices that organizations can undertake to help dismantle structural and systemic oppression in healthcare and beyond. “A tough job, but everyone has to do it,” says Reketta, a licensed professional counselor and BIPOC Perinatal Health consultant. Reketta helps small and midsize organizations rev up their equity and inclusion initiatives.

“Adding Black and Brown faces into the workforce will not fix the healthcare disparities and distrust of the medical field brought on by medical racism. It is only when we dismantle the systems held up by structural and systemic racism will we put an end to medical racism.”

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